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Every young person was designed for success, only that it is waiting to be unleashed!

reBOOT is our unique program for the young person who is challenged by the pressures and demands of everyday life! If you are tired of trying and looking for that ‘’ handle’’ in life, Reboot is the way to connect with the inner self and bring out the best in you!

Our unique workshops for young people are powered with a lot of interaction, fun, activity and interspersed with times of reflection! If you are looking for a life/future filled with happiness, love and security, reBOOT can help you find the path to a brand new start.

Reboot at Schools and Colleges

Students today are under great pressure to perform well academically, keep up with their peers, while battling the generation gap. As a result many have coping difficulties, poor concentration, challenges in relationships. Counseling will assist students to cope with the demands and pressures of their environment, equip them with skills to deal with the challenges of life.

Educational institutes that invest in the well being and betterment of their students make long term and life changing investments in their lives. Chrysalis Counseling Services would like to partner with educational institutions and provide our expertise in the area of counseling.

Our services:

We provide individual counseling services at your institute.

We conduct personality development workshops for students on topics such as:

  • Building your self-esteem
  • Handling emotions
  • Conflict Resolutions
  • Effective Communication
  • Handling stress and burnout